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A little more about me . . .

I love beads.  Beads of all kinds!  I constantly switch from one technique to another, then back again!  I first began making my own beads out of polymer clays using the Millefiori technique.  I then learned to love all the other beads out there in the world, and well, I have not stopped designing!


I consider my jewelry “functional art”. I often only have limited amounts of one kind of bead therefore the one of kind guarantee!  It’s my relaxation, my creative outlet and I am always learning new techniques.  I sketch many of the items before I make it, I enjoy drawing out my designs to “get it out of my system”  so I don’t forget the idea! 


Besides beads, I love my pets, family & friends!  I thank you for visiting my website!    Peace~



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My love, my cat & my dog!

Happy Beading everyone!